14 rural hotels in western Asturias that you can not miss

The Asturian West with its impressive cultural and ethnographic richness houses 14 of our rural hotels of exquisite charm.

Marine culture, livestock interior nature and endless landscapes, pre-Romanesque, medieval and transhumant imprint, the brown bear, Somiedo biosphere reserve, like Oscos, cultural paradise of ethnography, iron, and hiking, … in this spectacular surroundings are distributed fourteen of our select rural hotels.

Starting from the coast in the coastal town of El Pito in the municipality of Cudillero stands La Casona de la Paca, a beautiful and typical Indianos mansion surrounded by a garden of camellias, magnolias and centenary oaks, and colonial-style decoration.
A few kilometers further west in the council of Valdés we find four houses of charm and style, such as the Red House in Cadavedo, a house of Indian architecture surrounded by a garden and only 1 km away. from the beach in the middle of Protected Natural Landscape of Entrecabos.

Casona de la Paca

Casa Roja © Turismo Asturias / Arnaud Späni

Torre de Villademoros is another peculiar rural hotel in Villademoros, Cadavedo, built taking advantage of an 18th-century manor house, together with a medieval tower that gives it its name.
Villa Argentina is a unique Quinta in Parque de La Barrera, Luarca, built in 1899 as the residence of an Indian family, in the heart of Indian architecture, with a superb and eclectic garden. And guarding the sea with breathtaking views, the 3 Cabos hotel offers a bold combination of modern and traditional Asturian architecture in a rural setting at its best.

Torre de Villademoros

Villa la Argentina

Continuing towards the west without leaving the coast, in the council of Navia there are two hotels that breathe sea breezes, the hotel Pleamar, a small hotel with charm located in the fishing town of Puerto de Vega, of marine decoration and cozy atmosphere. Very close in La Mabona, between Luarca and Navia, the Hacienda Llamabúa, in the valley that bears his name, is an old Asturian quintana of sturdy architecture, stately style, and an enormous property of forest stands, a lake, fruit trees, trails, …


Hacienda Llamabúa

Our next hotel is located in Cartavio, council of Coaña, the Hotel Casa de Castro, a typical Casona Asturiana of careful rehabilitation converted into a cozy hotel between the sea, rivers and mountains. If we go down to the south we come across the Palacio del Prelo, in the Boal Council, municipality of Prelo, between valleys and mountains in a 15th century building declared of Cultural Interest.

Hotel Casa de Castro

Palacio del Prelo

Returning to the coast at the western end of the Principality, in Figueras, Castropol council, we find Casa Peleyón, an old hayloft of a traditional Asturian workhouse transformed into a beautiful rural hotel built in stone and wood with large spaces. We continue along the border with Galicia to Taramundi where we discovered La Rectoral, an 18th century house with exceptional views, an old rectory house traditionally restored in stone, slate and wood.

Casa Peleyón © Turismo Asturias

La Rectoral © Turismo Asturias

And the last two Casoneros hotels in western Asturias are located inland in biosphere reserves, the one in Oscos, in Pumares, Santa Eulalia de Oscos with the Casona Cantiga del Agüeira, famous for its activities and musical evenings in an old restored Casona with the characteristic architecture of the area, and at the other end, in the Natural Park of Somiedo, the Alvaro Florez-Estrada Palace, which dates back to the 13th century and is an Artistic Historical Monument of Integral Protection where the famous liberal economist and politician was born. gives name, in an environment that is a real gift for the senses.

Casona Cantiga del Agüeira

Palacio Alvaro Florez-Estrada

Each and every one of these 14 hotels represent the idiosyncrasy of the western region of Asturias with authenticity and uniqueness, and are the ideal starting point for rural plans and breaks, and spaces of rest and guaranteed tranquility, where you can enjoy a rural experience with endorsement. quality.