22 rural hotels in the east of Asturias that you should know

The east of Asturias, the “land of the rising sun”, where the Picos de Europa flows into the sea, houses 22 of our rural hotels that you should know.

The east of Asturias means dreamlike landscapes, cliffs, sandy beaches and spectacular coves. Where the green of the meadows mix with the blue of the sea, and the beaches are surrounded by cliffs with fossil dinosaur footprints and rock art caves.

Llanes ©Turismo Asturias / Juanjo Arrojo

Its maritime villages, rivers of rafting and fishing, fibrous cattle raised in mountains of pure air, where extraordinary cheeses are produced, … in this mythical setting are settled 22 of the most welcoming rural hotels of Asturias, spread over ten renowned councils that give off pure essence and Asturian personality.

Beginning in the east, in the border town of Rivadedeva, a natural step towards the Picos de Europa, is the Quinta de Villanueva, an Indian mansion from 1908 in Villanueva, dominating the mouth of the river Deva, natural border of the principality.

Following the path to the Picos, in Alevia, council of Peñamellera Baja, very close to Panes, a must stop on the route to the mountain range, is the Casona D’Alevia, a farmhouse of the XV century restored with typical materials.

Quinta de Villanueva

Casona D’Alevia

We continue towards the west and towards the coast to find the council of Llanes, famous for its more than 30 beaches of natural quality in less than 30 km. of coast, where they agolpan 7 houses in this exceptional tourist enclave.
La Boriza, just 400 meters from the sea in the beautiful village of Andrín. The Arredondo hotel, 18th century farmhouse on a farm surrounded by native forests in Celorio. At the foot of the Sierra del Cuera and less than 3 km from Llanes we find La Quintana del Cuera, with traditional architecture in Parres, and in the neighboring village of La Pereda are Arpa de Hierba, with a landscaped estate next to a stream, The Habana Llanes, in a finca with a garden of more than three hundred species, and La Posada de Babel, with traditional architecture and contemporary design harmoniously combined over wide meadows. And in Tresgrandas, an old flour mill on the banks of the river Cabra is now El Molino de Tresgrandas, just 4 km from the beach of La Franca. These 7 rural hotels represent with prestancia the spirit of pleasant tourism of the council, with aroma of sea and low mountain ranges of the Picos de Europa, each with its own personality, style, and authenticity.

La Boriza

Hotel Arredondo

La Quintana del Cuera

Arpa de Hierba

El Habana Llanes

La Posada de Babel

El Molino de Tresgrandas

Leaving the sea behind and getting into the foothills of the Picos de Europa, in an idyllic spot surrounded by an estate full of trees, we find the hotel Sucuevas, a restored 19th century farmhouse in Cangas de Onís.

Returning to the coast, to the spectacular mouth of the Sella, famous worldwide for the annual party of canoeing, in the council of Rivadesella, in front of the Santianes mountains, stands the house Carmen, traditional Asturian architecture in total harmony with the rural environment.



El Carmen

Back to the interior, in Collía, Parres council, we find the Posada del Valle, surrounded by its own ecological farm, built on a hillside with breathtaking views of the Sueve Protected Landscape.

Further to the west, in the council of Piloña, surrounded by three exceptional natural spaces such as the Picos de Europa, Redes National Park, and the Protected Area of the Ria de Villaviciosa, you will find Palacio de Cutre, a former palace from the 16th century between meadows and woodlands in Villamayor, and La Casona del Viajante, in Villabajo, an Indian house surrounded by meadows and fruit trees.


Posada del Valle

Palacio de Cutre

La Casona del Viajante

El Babú

Towards the coast again, just a kilometer and a half from the sea, on the council of Caravia, at the foot of the El Babú peak of the Sierra del Sueve is El Babú, an Asturian house from the 18th century restored with harmony.

A few kilometers further west we enter the council of Colunga, and its famous fishing village Lastres, where at the foot of the sea stands the hotel Casa Eutimio, early twentieth century. Taking road towards the interior, to scarce 14 km. in a valley crowned by the Sueve mountain range, in the village that gives it its name is the Palace of Libardón, an old Asturian quintana from the 17th century.

Casa Eutimio

Palacio de Libardón

And we arrived at the imposing Villaviciosa ria in the council of the same name, where the east gives way to the center of Asturias, from the interior to the sea, in the middle of the District of the Sidra are the Court of Lugás, Asturian house of the century 18th century in Lugás, La Casona de Amandi, built in the mid-nineteenth century by Don Obdulio Fernández Pando, founder of the El Gaitero cider in Amandi, Mirador de Moriyon, 250 meters above the Ría de Villaviciosa in Miravalles, and La Figar, in Argüero, with traditional mariñan architecture inside a rustica quintana traditional. Four hotels of great rural idiosyncracy that perfectly represent the Asturian essence of the region.

La Corte de Lugás

La Casona de Amandi

Mirador de Moriyon

La Figar

22 hotels with a careful offer to detail, personalities and quality of service as a link, set in the spectacular surroundings of East Asturias, the eastern gate to the paradise of Asturias.

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