7 summer plans in our rural hotels

With the arrival of summer, there are endless possibilities for planning holidays and short breaks in our rural hotels.

There are endless plans in Asturias for the summer, where our land becomes a nature garden, an authentic coastal destination, and the perfect place to discover the Asturian mountain, which is friendly and welcoming with the visitor.

Our casoneros are excellent guides of the leisure and enjoyment of this land, and they will offer the most exquisite plans to the visitor, as sample and extension of the careful service that characterizes the stays in our Casonas Asturianas.

From popular plans famous for the singularities of this land such as its museums and interesting sightseeing tours, to offers of experiences farther away from regular tourism, in secluded places that preserve the purity of centuries of nature and history.

This is Asturias, a land of contrasts where there is always something to discover for the adventurers of frenzy tourism, but that folds down docile before the visitor who seeks the pleasure of the time stopped and the contemplation of the wonders of the Asturian creation.

Below are some highlights of the hand of Tourism Asturias of the inexhaustible options of this land, which our rural hotels by means of their kind casoneros have to advise and offer to those who come to visit us.