A new year of rural tourism in Asturias

We started the year with the renewed hope of offering incredible experiences of rural tourism in Asturias from our Casonas.

A new year that begins in Asturias in all its splendor of experiences of rural tourism, that of the hand of our casoneros and their rural hotels, are a safe bet to enjoy this land that strengthens its balance of quality rural tourism.

We also renew and appreciate the support and collaboration with the Asturian Tourism Council, which this year celebrates numerous cultural events at the hands of the Principality coinciding with the celebration of the centenary of the coronation of the Virgin of Covadonga, the origin of the Kingdom of Asturias, and the creation of the Covadonga Mountain National Park as the first protected natural area in Spain.

Thus, under the motto Covadonga Centenarios 2018 will take place a large number of cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, movies, symposiums, folklore shows, liturgical celebrations, sporting events, and many other events that will take place between the Real Site, various municipalities of the Park National Picos de Europa, especially Cangas de Onís, others in Oviedo and Gijón.

This year, it is a year to come and enjoy Asturias in all its splendor and celebrate with us the cultural, historical and natural wealth of this land. Our casoneros, in addition to offering the most exquisite service of rural lodging, will be in charge to inform on all these acts and their conciliation with the rest of the plans of the copious tourist offer that Asturias offers, mainly in rural tourism in a pure and rooted nature in the time.


Tres Cruces, cueva de Covadonga, Cangas de Onís ©Turismo Asturias/Paco Currás S.L.