Asturias, your destination for the May 1st holiday

By land, sea or air, this May 1st holiday you can enjoy the natural paradise of Asturias near any of our rural accommodations.

If there is something that we are experts in is the bridges, we do not refer to those who join rivers, but rather those who join days off, those that bring a smile to your face when you look at the calendar a month before.

he next one that is already here is May 1st holiday, an island, a respite before the summer, and Asturias is full of plans with which to enjoy it. Whatever your idea of ​​the perfect May 1st holiday surely Asturias can offer you. Nature, relaxation, culture, gastronomy, adventure … if you want, all together and stirred and with a sardine.

You can enjoy its beaches with crystalline waters, large or small coves, crowded or solitary. Feeling the sand under your feet again, noticing the soft touch of the millions of shells that make it up and its relaxing effects on your feet, you can almost feel it just by thinking about it. The smell of the sea that brings the breeze and the peace that gives the almost hypnotic vision of the coming and going of the waves.

Glued to the beaches in Asturias you will find all the green that your eyes can absorb, all the nuances that your eyes can appreciate, in the eternal meadows and forests that flood everything, except the mountains that rise up proud a few kilometers from the coast, Forming a bucolic landscape.

By land, sea or air you choose the way to enjoy Asturias this May Bridge. Perhaps a walk along the coast feeling the strength of the Bay of Biscay at your feet and then enjoy a good fish, and to end the day with a visit to the Maritime Museum of Luanco.

You may prefer that the ride be cycled through a forest, a route between the numerous and beautiful traditional villages where you meet your kind and hospitable people and enjoy nature and gastronomy.

Another possibility is to use the rivers and the sea to admire the beautiful Asturian landscape, in a kayak or in a canoe, the Sella or any of the Asturian rivers will give you the opportunity to appreciate in a different way, to observe from a point of view different the beauty of Asturias.

And for different points of view there is nothing like a balloon ride, the zenith changes everything, gives you a completely different vision and breadth. Who has not ever wanted to be a bird? Can you imagine seeing the bird’s-eye view of the natural paradise of Asturias?

These are some of the hundreds of plans to enjoy Asturias this May Bridge, but the one that really matters is the one you have in mind, your plan, let our rural accommodations in beautiful enclaves of Casonas Asturianas help you fulfill it, and ask our Casoneros, they will guide you in the search of your ideal plan for the May 1st holiday.