Ideas of rural tourism in Asturias for long weekend

Four examples of rural tourism plans that can be made in Asturias during this December bridge.

The Principality of Asturias is unsurpassed when we speak of rural tourism, its landscape and ethnographic wealth covers the whole territory, from the east to the center and the west. Countless plans can be devised to immerse yourself in a culture of inexhaustible wealth, history and living traditions, untamed nature, hospitable people, and hospitable accommodations with cozy charm.

Here is just a small sample with four examples of ideas to make this bridge in December in Asturias, some examples that represent our land through an authentic Asturian rural experience, to enjoy and get wrapped up in the most authentic Asturias.

Ethnographic Ensemble of Os Teixois.
Declared to be of cultural interest, the Ethnographic Ensemble of Os Teixois, is a small village
composed of a set of old hydraulic devices of historical character.
It is located 4 km from Taramundi, and has guides that offer explanations and history, all surrounded by an exuberant landscape of mountains, streams, trails and rural roads, vegetation and greenery typical of the area. There it has a traditional tavern and picnic area where you can taste excellent homemade cuisine.

Ethnographic Museum of Grandas de Salime.
The Ethnographic Museum of Grandas de Salime in the town that bears his name, is a museum where you can see a faithful reflection of the traditional peasant rural way of life and the trades developed in that environment in the geographical area of the councils of western Asturias.

©Turismo Asturias

The Teitos de las Brañas de Somiedo.
The Teitos are typical cabins of the Somiedo Valley, whose roof is covered with vegetation and the walls are made of stone. It is a type of cattle hut typical of Somiedo, which represents one of the treasures of its lush landscapes. The group of pastoral cabins is called Braña. In the Somiedo valley, you can find numerous Brañas such as Mumián, La Corra, Sousas, Saliencia, Mesa, Pornacal, etc …

Teito en Lago del Valle, Somiedo ©Turismo Asturias/Gonzalo Azumendi

Route of the Majadas de Onís, Picos de Europa.
The route of Las Majadas in the Picos de Europa National Park is a route through the green pastoral meadows that traverse the western mass of the park, crossing places of beautiful natural beauty and absolute tranquility where silence reigns and the paths communicate the Lakes of Covadonga with the starting point of the well-known Ruta del Cares. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and spectacular routes that can be done in this area of the Picos, about 17 km. travel.

©Turismo Asturias