New member Casonas Asturianas

We are pleased to introduce Hotel Casa de Castro as a new member of our Quality Club Casonas Asturianas.

Hotel Casa de Castro located in the village of Cartavio, Coana Council, is the last rural hotel in joining our association Casonas Asturianas.

Casa de Castro is a typical Asturian house from the late 19th century with a long family tradition of four generations running the surname that bears his name.

A surname of illustrious names like the politician D. Benito Castro Garci’a-Penzol (1872-1956) that held important positions throughout his career.

After a careful rehabilitation the house becomes a cozy hotel, keeping alive part of its history and incorporating modern facilities with unique characteristics in the region, unique rooms where comfort premium, views, and all kinds of amenities.

With a privileged situation dominating green meadows to see the sea, in an ideal environment as a starting point for all kinds of excursions and plans, which in the same hotel are pleased to manage sports activities such as horseback riding, climbing, descending Of canoes, hiking, cycling, etc … or maritime, cultural activities, …

The Hotel Casa de Castro represents in essence the reason of our being, it possesses all the kindnesses that represent to be part of this club, and we are delighted to join with them in our purpose of offering an asturian experience of rural accommodation of quality, kindness, comfort , and pure and healthy nature.

Welcome to the Casonas Asturianas family.