New partner Casonas, hotel La Raposera, in Caravia

We are pleased to welcome our Quality Club to La Raposera Hotel, the new partner of the Casonas Asturianas family.

This beautiful rural hotel in the East of Asturias located in the council of Caravia, is a large house of Indians dating from around 1917 and which was restored as a hotel in 2012, preserving the stately charm of the time.

Its 5,000 m2 of landscaped property and impressive views of the Bay of Biscay and the Sierra del Sueve, create an atmosphere of tranquility that invites you to enjoy the typical environment of the coastal area of the Principality.

Inside the hotel we can find a cozy living room with fireplace and library, and six rooms of careful detail that include a suite, all with views of the sea and the mountains.

Located in Caravia, it is practically crossed by the road to Santiago along the coast, and surrounded by beautiful beaches such as Arenal de Morís, and just a few kilometers from the lakes of Covadonga, and the Picos de Europa. Surrounded by several Asturian quality restaurants in the area, the hotel is perfect for spending a few days in the heart of Asturian culture and nature.


Caravia © Turismo Asturias / Benedicto Santos

The Raposera is a perfect representative of the values of the Casonas association, and we are delighted that you are part of our club, and from here we welcome you and invite everyone to know this hotel full of Asturian rural charm and authenticity.

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