Our rural hotels on the Asturian coast and its more than 200 beaches

It could be said that all the rural hotels that make up our quality club are coastal hotels because in Asturias the sea merges with the mountain in a small geographic space.

In fact our most southern hotel, the Hotel Palacio Alvaro Florez-Estrada, in the town of Pola de Somiedo, is only 50 km. Of the sea drawing an imaginary straight line to the port of Cudillero.

This Asturian singularity, where in a few tens of kilometers is compressed a huge diversity of landscape, cultural and of changing and diverse beauty, is what makes our land a destination so special for rural tourism and holidays.

That said, the exceptionality of a coastline marked by more than two hundred beaches with multiple and different charms, of natural beauty and reassuring diversity, is distinguished from the rest of the principality by its own merits.

Playa de San Juan de Nieva, Castrillón ©Turismo Asturias/Alfonso Suárez

In Casonas Asturianas more than half of our hotels are practically facing the sea, having a presence in the coastal councils of Castropol, El Franco, Coaña, Navia, Valdés, Cudillero, Gijón, Villaviciosa, Colunga, Caravia, Rivadesella, Llanes and Rivadedeva.

Some of these councils, such as Llanes, hide by themselves more than thirty beautiful beaches in less than fifty kilometers of coastline. With a diversity of such a magnitude in the Asturian coast we can find beaches of very different idiosyncracy.

From long sandy beaches to eroded rocky coves shaped by centuries of sea-beat. Urban beaches and beaches of prao, where the cows watch the incessant movement of the waves. We even have wonders like the beaches of Cobijeru and Gulpiyuri dug by nature inland communicated to the sea by underground caves.

Playa de Gulpiyuri Llanes, ©Turismo Asturias/Manuel S. Calvo

Playa urbana de San Lorenzo, Gijón, ©Turismo Asturias

A coastal offer that added to the exceptional proposal in rural accommodations of our Club of Quality, with hotels located in exclusive locations of great environmental beauty and service to detail, make the Casonas experience unique and exclusive, a safe bet for the summer season near the sea.

Turismo Asturias offers a detailed guide to the Asturian beaches with a complete list of sandy beaches and coves, where you can make a selective search of the councils where we are present and find your play offer easily so you do not miss one of these wonders in the surroundings of Our charming rural hotels.

Playa Beciella, Caravia, ©Turismo Asturias/Juanjo Arrojo

Playa del Serrón, Valdés, ©Turismo Asturias/Juanjo Arrojo

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