Our selection of hotels in Asturias

Casonas Asturianas proposes an offer of hotels in Asturias with marked rural character in beautiful places throughout the Principality.

There are 45 rural hotels located throughout Asturias that under the Casonas brand offer an accommodation offer with quality assurance.

Casonas was founded around these spaces to make known the uniqueness of hotels that collect the architecture, culture, gastronomy, and the geographical and exceptional nature of this land, and put the visitor on a tray with a care of accommodation rural.

The offer of hotels in Asturias that we offer guarantees a highly satisfactory lodging experience, with careful service, professional management, and careful equipment in detail.

The spectacular surroundings and the charisma of the culture and the people of Asturias do the rest so that a stay in Casonas Asturianas is an experience difficult to forget.

The offer is varied with hotels spread across the east, center and west of Asturias, located in areas of coast, countryside, forest and mountain, and some near the most important cities of the Principality.

All Asturias is well communicated and a route through the hotels of Casonas would take us through the most emblematic, beautiful, and interesting places of this land. A land where you can enjoy the great contrasts through our accommodations.

The sea that merges with the prairies to the wooded feet of the mountain ranges that converge to the great peaks, and as a nexus of union, our hotels creating an imaginary network of connection between the different worlds that make up the universe Asturian.

For us it is an honor to be part of this universe, and to be able to transmit it to our guests through an offer of rural hotels, which will make your getaway or vacation in Asturias, a real pleasure for the senses, and rest and enjoyment.

Los Picos ©Turismo Asturias/Aurelio Rodríguez