Rural escapades in Asturias

This season of year of transition between the summer sun and winter wetness is ideal for planning a stay in the Principality.

Autumn is a beautiful season to enjoy Asturias. Green fields and woodlands are changing to golden colours. Our parks are full of sensations for sight and smell.

Redes, Somiedo, Ponga, Piloña, … the bear, the bellowing, chestnut, oak, beech, holly, birch, … fruit, acorns, hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts and mushrooms …, notable representatives of the wealth of the territory.

Just relaxing in the tranquility of a rural stay in any of our houses, enjoing the hotel’s places, the gastronomy, relaxing walks, sights …


Hotel La Boriza, Andrín, Llanes.

Hotel La Boriza, Andrín, Llanes.

Breathing the air from the sea, our beaches and fishing villages, now that the temperatures are still moderate, lost in our capitals enjoying the authentic bustle of the asturians, or climb to the “Picos” before the snows make their appearance, are just some of the countless possibilities of rural escapades that this land offers.

Playa de Serantes, Tapia de Casariego ©Turismo Asturias

Playa de Serantes, Tapia de Casariego ©Infoasturias/Arnaud Späni

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