The Picos de Europa National Park

High peaks and deep valleys are what the National Park of the Picos de Europa offers you to be in contact and enjoy nature.

The Picos de Europa National Park, with an area of ​​646 km2, is one of the most beautiful spots in the north of the Iberian peninsula. Its privileged enclave in the Cantabrian cornice extends by the east Asturian.

Throughout the centuries the action of nature through alpine folding, glaciers, rivers … has been creating, sculpting and later modeling what we know today as the National Park of the Picos de Europa.

The harsh, bare and majestic landscapes of its summits invite you to look up, to let it lose. With sharp edges against the sky where you can observe the chamois in places that will make you wonder How they got there and how they are going to get out of there?

And that feeling of freedom, of tranquility, of humility, that invades before the free spaces, before the realization of the colossal forces of the nature able to create such landscapes. Gigantic live rock amphitheatres where the crow’s squawk travels, rebounds and lingers in the echo and where silence can be heard.

In the forests that populate the lower parts of the park, there are beech and oak woods, as well as some holm oaks, with centuries-old trees with rough logs and an unbroken perimeter of less than three people. The smell of the land, a mixture of humidity and leaf litter, floods you when you walk among its forests accompanied by the sounds of nature, the distant rumor of the river, or the wind-blown leaves that slide inside you without That you realize

Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa ©Turismo Asturias/Aurelio Rodríguez

Landscapes that evolve from the green meadows to the edge of the sea until arriving at the snowy peaks. Nature has the tools to sculpt and time in its favor to do so, creating antagonistic but equally beautiful places such as the Picu Urriellu and the Cares gorge. Spaces where to live and to enjoy the nature, of the direct contact with her through the walks, the mountaineering, and of the observation of the flora and fauna.

The Picos de Europa National Park has all the experiences and adventures that nature lovers are looking for, filled with beautiful and pristine surroundings where they can feel and enjoy.

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