The protected area of the Sierra del Sueve

The protected area of the Sierra del Sueve rises above the sea from where one of the most spectacular and beautiful routes of the Cantabrian coast begins.

The Sierra del Sueve is only 4 km away. of Colunga, its highest peak, the Picu Pienzu reaches 1,159 meters, and is the closest mountain to the sea of the Asturian coast. The climb to this peak has no great difficulty being accessible to any hiker, and the reward of the incredible views, makes it worth the effort.

From the Sierra del Sueve, facing the sea, you get an impressive view of practically the entire Asturian coast, and if we turn around, we discover a spectacular view of the Picos de Europa in all its imposing beauty.

The Sierra del Sueve is located on the eastern slope of Asturias bordering the center of Asturias. It is a protected area of 81 square kilometers where the emblematic Asturian horse, the Asturcón, is grazed, of pure race in a semi-wild state. It is not strange to see also herds in flock, vultures, Egyptian vultures, … among a flora that is divided between native forest patches and riparian forests of willows, poplars and alders, and in the highest areas, oaks, chestnuts, hazel trees, maples, ash trees, beeches, and even a small forest of yew trees, the mythical tree of the ancient druids.

Hayedo de la Biescona

Asturcones en el Sueve ©Turismo Asturias

Mirador del Fitu starts one of the most spectacular routes in Asturias. At 1,100 meters above sea level with a breathtaking view that can be reached by car, there is a route to the Picu Pienzu, which is well indicated and develops with low difficulty, about 5 hours walking round trip. On the way you can see the Biescona beech forest, a spectacular wooded area populated by centenary beech trees, holly trees, chestnuts, etc … which has its own path called the same name, which is well worth a trip of its own, and which will delight us sight of the 1,149 meters of the Pieza peak, from where in days of deep clarity, we can get to see a coastal strip that goes from the Basque Country to Galicia.

In addition to the coast and the spectacular views of the Picos de Europa, the councils of Colunga, Caravia, Villaviciosa, Ribadesella and Llanes will be seen from a bird’s-eye view.


Colunga a vista de pájaro ©Comarca de la Sidra/José Suárez

Guided tours of the Sueve can be hired, which combine hiking and environmental education, especially recommended for children and young people.

The Sierra del Sueve is divided between the councils of Colunga, Caravia, Ribadesella, Piloña and Parres, where we have a wide range of rural hotels with the Casonas Asturianas quality seal. The arrival of spring is an ideal time to enjoy these trails and mountain routes.

Only 3 km. from El Babú, in Carrales, Caravia Baja, starts the Path of the Biescona beech forest. Very close to there, in Caravia Alta-Prado we find La Raposera.
In Colunga we have Casa Eutimio. In Ribadesella El Carmen, in the town of the same name. In Villaviciosa the mansions La Casona de Amandi, in Amandi, La Figar, in Argüero, El Mirador de Moriyón, in Miravalles, and La Corte de Lugás, in Lugás.
In the Council of Piloña the Palace of Cutre in Villamayor and La Casona del Viajante in Coya.
And in Parres, in the town of Collia, the Posada del Valle.


Vistas desde El Babú

These Casonas are bordering the Sierra del Sueve, and are an ideal starting point to live an incredible rural experience in the heart of the Sierra.

But any of our rural hotels are a good starting point to explore this natural wonder, since in the Principality, despite containing an immense offer of places and experiences, the distances are short and well connected for any day plan in all the district, from the different points where Casonas Asturianas is present with its seal of quality, service guarantee, location, and uniqueness of its charming rural hotels.