Welcome pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago Asturian

At this season our rural hotels receive numerous pilgrims from the Camino de Santiago Asturiano and its miles full of history and culture.

With the arrival of spring and the good weather also the pilgrims arrive to our lands. The Camino de Santiago Asturiano and Casonas Asturianas offer an unforgettable experience with nature and the people who live in the lands through which it runs.

Sprinkled with countless villages to enjoy, our Rural Hotels offer where to rest your feet, take care of the stomach and relive the experience in good company. Because the pilgrim is a special figure and that is noticed as soon as you start walking, the paths, paths and routes through which the Path takes you closer to other times in which everything was slower and there was time to appreciate what you see your He passed.

How nature and its people change, how the climate and the place shapes them. And the people that are are mixed with the ones that happen, learning each other from the other. From Casonas Asturianas we offer services specially designed for pilgrims and all the detailed and updated information about the Camino.

In addition the pilgrim in our Houses knows other pilgrims and guests from other lands, other cultures, each with a history, each a world to learn and enjoy.

Approaching this spring to Asturias and enjoy its land and its people through the Camino de Santiago Asturiano and our Rural Hotels, undoubtedly means to be welcomed with open arms.